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Before studying Industrial Design, I have had a couple of design related activities that have shaped me to be the designer I am today. On this page, you can see those activities.

Videography Career

I think that my passion for design started expressing itself around 2013. In that year, I had started my own YouTube channel, where I reviewed products. This YouTube channel grabbed the attention of several companies. For those companies, I reviewed products or explained to consumers what the function of the product was. Below you can see some examples.

Caliber Audio products
RTechNL (my own channel)

Building my own products

Another thing that has really shaped me to be the designer I am today, is building my own products. When I used a product, I could tell very quickly if I liked or disliked it, and sometimes I just wanted to create a product that fulfilled my demands. From looking at the demands I had and then building my own products, I quickly learned about design. I believe that this contributed to make me the designer I am today.

In this showreel you can see some of the products I built:

High school research project

Lastly, I suggest that you take a look at my high school research project, where a friend and I build a drone together. Here I gathered a lot of technical building skills and I had to think a lot about physics and how to realise our ideas. You can see a link to the PDF down below.