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On this page, you can read my plans for after my Master’s and see what I will do to further apply my view on design to the world.

During my education, I gained a clearer idea of who I am as a designer and what I want to work towards. I see how the principles in design form a good basis for innovating towards solutions. However, I learned that product design is very time-dependent, and focusses often on creating something for today or tomorrow. I want to work as a designer for future innovation, researching and innovating upon what is possible today by conducting fundamental research.

To bring this vision to life and further educate myself, I have arranged a Ph.D. on communication between autonomous vehicles and other road users for Marieke Martens at Industrial Design. Again, this is a highly technological research field, where natural communication could contribute to the interactions. I will still develop myself in a self-directed manner, with my first goals focusing on further improving my academic writing and learning to build a personal literature library for my Ph.D. literature.


With my identity and vision on design, and the competencies to realize these, I feel enthusiastic to start my new position as a Ph.D. and bring change to the world. 

First two goals added to my PDP for my PhD

Portfolio By Rutger Verstegen | 2023